Friday, April 29, 2011

Field Trip Friday

Sometimes I feel the need to take a field trip. Today was one of those days, and I knew right where I wanted to visit.  It's a secret source for me,  a little shop that I usually only go to alone, but today I'm taking along someone special, you.  I always feel transported and inspired when I walk in the door of this sweet little boutique.  You ask where is this place?  I would love to keep it to myself, but her shop is too beautiful not to let others know.  This corner by my hometown deserves to be visited.  So I'm giving up my secrets in hopes you too will go and see for yourself.

Meet Jayne, she owns Chicago Road Antiques!

Don't let the name fool you.  Not located at all in Chicago, but in the quiet town of Edwardsburg Michigan.

I promise soon as you pull up you will be running for the front door.

This darling red building begs to be sought.  I can't really tell you what else is located on this road, since my eyes are always looking for this little place, oh my goodness the windows.  They make me want to press right up to the glass and flattened my nose to get a peek inside.  Let me show you around.

Jayne's display work is everywhere!  Yes, windows even in the back of the building!

Come home with me, ironstone pitcher, which one you ask, the little baby one!

Lets go upstairs!  Attention to detail is everywhere!

The balusters are even chippy!  Jayne, can I live here?

How funny, I just noticed my canisters for purchase and my wallet are in this picture!

Treasures are endless!  How does she let them go?

 My gift to the Royal couple.  Don't-cha love the spelling?

Can you tell I love signs?  Blue Ribbon!  Mr. Bob the Builder, if your reading!!!

Vintage Little League Team Photos!  Name of team, "Chicks"!

Here we are back downstairs.  I could look around again and again!

But there is work to be done so I must leave!

Thank you Jayne, have a lovely day playing in your beautiful shop!
Chicago Road Antiques is a place not to be missed, if you live in the area.  I always walk away inspired and delighted.  Not to forget, I always walk away with a new treasure to call my own.  Jayne doesn't have a blog...yet, but she does have web site.  Please drop her an e-mail and say hello from me.  Jayne is as lovely as the shop she owns.  Want to thank each of you for going on my field trip with me.  If you would like to take a trip yourself, Chicago Road Antiques is located in Edwardsburg Mi, on Highway 12.  Jayne's hours are Thursday-Saturday, 11am-4pm.

And as always, I can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

~G~ 's Hand At Being Artsy

Just a quick peek at the seed packets I happened upon.  They were found while I was out junking for the show this last weekend.  Now, I was going to have these finished in time for that great gig, but some where between painting and lifting heavy furniture... well you get the idea, right?  So now the seed packets will become Easter gifts.  Once done, I will put sweet pea seeds in the packets and 'hopply' give to all I love. 

I love the color of craft paper brown!

I'm not great at making a french knot, but I kind of like the tangled look.  At least, that is what I'm telling myself.

I found 50 of these packets.  Lucky me!

That's it for me today, just something short and sweet so I can get back into the habit of posting on my long lost blog.  When I don't write on this blog, and I feel scared that you will forget me one song line goes through my thoughts.  "What'll I do when you are far away and I 'm so blue, what'll I do?" 

As always, I just can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Never Make Promises Lightly...

Well the show has come and gone, and I promised pictures.  My only problem, time.  I worked, I scrubbed, I painted.   We hauled, then set-up, well you know the low down of getting ready for a show.  Sunday morning I heard over a loud speaker that they were going to open the doors.  Wait!!!!  I'm not done pricing, what about pictures.  There was no turning back.  So my promise has turned into, I'm sorry.....  I only snapped a few, and few pitiful they are.  But I never make promises lightly, so here they be.

I love a beaker, yes I do!
The child's wheelbarrow is the sweetest red, it came back home with me.  The beakers, well their holding court or flowers at someones house today.

Easter buckets were filled with wonderful vintage goodies. 

The wedding cake chandelier was tucked in behind the metal tree and right behind the door window.  Yes, my partner in vintage crime brought a door in it's original casing, that you walked through to get into our booth.  See, if you look closer someone is pointing to it.  You got a love shoppers!

Wind mill fan, rusted to its finest.

Can I just say the picture does not do the windmill fan justice.  Oh my goodness, this piece is large, rusted, and the perfect statement.  The fan came back home but no time to feel remorse, I love anything windmill.  I wonder if Bob the Builder agrees with the remarks I just made after carrying the fan, mounting fan on the doors and then disassembling all of it.  He's such great guy.

Built-In's are my favorite.

This built-in was made over with much love.  You can't see, but we put a decorative piece on the back that finished it off perfectly.  Well the little chalkboard on the front, yes it's mounted.  I was going to write 'can goods' on it, but suddenly I was surrounded by shoppers.  I always say, next time I'll have all the finishing touches done.  She(the built-in) went to a loving home.  They said it would be used to hold their large screen T.V.  She will do her job well, I'm sure.

Metal advertising letters spelling rose.

I love metal.  To me metal looks good with any decorating. Metal shabby, metal farmhouse, metal cottage, metal garden, don't you agree?   This table is no exception.  I refurbished it with a glass top, and it can wear casters too.  Perfect to roll here and there when you have company.  Well I just love everything about it.

Our one small corner at the show.

As I promised, pictures.  I was running for my life as I was taking these.  The place was a sellers delight.  Katie, remember I introduced you to her, well that girl can advertise.  She should be in marketing.  This was a first time show, vendor space was packed, and believe me customers were everywhere.  One time I looked out  of my booth and said "Oh my",  it was that crowded.  Excitement was in the air.  Unfortunately being that crowded I seen nothing else at the show.  I have no pictures of the other vendors or their items.  Next show I will need to rethink, who prices, and who takes the pics, but I did have the best of time.  I seen old friends and made some new.  

Kelly, my bestie blog friend.

Kelly is on the right, please forgive me Kelly's sister, your name.  Well shows can do that to a person.  Kelly's blog is Peaceful Heart.  I say Kelly is my best blog friend because she was one of my first followers, she always comments.....and she checks on me via e-mail.  There has been a couple of times I have said I just can't blog.  She always steps in and says, "yes you can, I would miss you if you didn't,"   She is the sweetest.  Really, you'll are, she just lives real close.  What a day.  So many things took place, one of them some advertising.  Yes, some advertising.  I'll be talking about that real soon.  So until then, thanks everyone.  You encourage me in more ways than I could ever say or repay!!!

As always, I just can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Junking, Painting and Creating!

It is almost show time.  I'm so excited, I can't hardly wait.  I will post sneak peeks very soon.  For now, here is the information so you can come and see all the talented vendors that day!!!  I promise you will not go home emptied handed.  My booth will be filled with all things vintage. 

As always I can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Show and Tell"

My dear readers, how can I ever thank you for all the comments about my daughter on my last post?   Your thoughts and experiences seemed sacred to me, and  I shed more than a few tears.   Then today just when I decided to put up a new post, well to my surprise my sister commented.  Now don't even get me started here, or teardrops might cloud up the screen. ( Did I ever tell you  that I'm really good at bringing on a crying fest?)  When I saw her name, well I knew right then 'Glenda do a new post or you will be crying another couple of weeks and lost in blogland.'   In my life, there is no one who has cheered me on more than my dear sister.   So thank you to each.  Your names and comments are engraved in my heart.

 Now for the new post.  I'm going to be in a show y'all.  Been so long since I've done a show, but oh how I have missed the show vibe.  The saving back of my best junk, the thought of the display, buying(never forget buying), and the junkers you meet along the way.  Now enough about me.  I want to introduce you to Katie Femia.  She is the mastermind behind this whole idea.  Without her, well we vendors would just be without!  I sat down with Katie today and asked her a few questions, like how did this come to you?.  Was it out of the blue?   Here's what Katie had to say for herself.                                                                                                                       

Katie, have you ever participated or coordinated a show before?
    I have never coordinated, but I have been a vendor a dozen times or so.  I worked in a antique mall, while I attended college to generate extra income.  I have had the love of vintage for some time. I do know what I like to shop for, so the show will be set up along those lines.  And I love a show well organized and I hope to bring my organizational skills to this task.   The name of the show is 'All things Handmade and Vintage Bazaar.'

So how did you come up with the idea and name?
    Saturdays are my junk hunting days, though not limited too.  When I come home after one of these excursions, the first question my husband asks, "Did you get anything good?"  Next question, "Is it vintage?"   It just seemed like it all fell in place.  Like it sounded right.

Katie, what does vintage mean to you?
   Aged beautifully.  Somewhat fresh, not stuffy and uptight like antique.  Vintage is an item loved by someone through the years.  

How many vendors will display and sell, and what can shoppers expect on April 10th.
    The show is at capacity right now with 45 vendors setting up in 65 spaces.  But if you know someone really good at displaying and selling, I'll make room.  I want shoppers to expect a new experience in a show.  Not a craft bazaar (though nothing against that) but vendors who have a love for the items their selling and going out of their way to bring the best to the show.

Besides organizing the show, will you be displaying wares yourself?
   My entire family will be in on the action.  It's like a family affair.  Yes, I will be also selling my creations and wares.  It definitely has a spring theme, with flower pots and plant stands.  I also work with vintage fabrics, and I have a love for 50's kitchen items.  My space will be a blend.  I also can't wait for my father to showcase the shadow boxes he creates.

Katie, what inspires you?
    I enjoy taking  vintage finds and turning them into something beautiful.   As a teacher of 2nd graders, I see them doing this all the time.  They recreate and are always happy with the way it turned out.  They see their handmade items as beautiful.  I also must say my biggest inspiration is my family.  They encourage me in my junk collecting, though they would never call it that.  They have inspired  me to put this show together.  I couldn't do this without their support.  My husband and even my five year old daughter have been putting up with junk being collected for the show, and they are happy for me.  Yes, my family is my biggest inspiration.   One day I would love to visit the Farm Chicks Show.  To me, they are the Bee's Knee's.  Until that takes place, I want to have a show right here in my home town.  I want to take advantage of all the great talent that is right around us that otherwise people might never know about.  This is inspiration to me!

What is your hopes for this show?
    My first hope is that the dealers feel success.  They are taking as much of a risk as I am.  So I really want them to feel the day of the show, that it was a good day to be a vendor.  Next hope is the people who come to purchase will feel inspired.  That they will find items they wouldn't find anywhere else and walk away saying, "We have really needed a show like this in our area.  When will be the next one?"

Thank you Katie.  She was a delight to speak with.   She is married to the love of her life, is a terrific mom to a five year old and a one year old, also is a second grade teacher, and last but not least a show promoter.  I am also excited for her and wanted to post about this show for all who are involved.  Here in the blogging community a world has opened up for so many of us who might never have the chance to travel to our dream shop, shows, and destinations.  So Katie stepped up and said she will work to bring it here.  Yeah!  The next couple of posts, I will talk about some of the vendors and also give pics on what you will find in my booth.  I also have a special guest who will be displaying with me, and I can't wait to introduce you to him.  Off to visit with my grandsons, till then.

As always I just can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Matters of the Heart! And just a few tears on my part!

I have never spoken with you about my daughter Emily.  Today is the day.  I promise not to go into great details, but only to tell you  that she was born mentally challenged.  Emily will be 28 in June.  One and half years ago,  I let her go.  She wanted so badly to be like any other child.  She wanted to leave home when she grew up.  I cried, I yelled, and I cried some more, but I knew in my heart it was the right time, and the right thing to do for her. 

As a mother I asked,  what would she do without me?  Who would brush her hair?   I knew she wouldn't.  It's scary to ask yourself, can you love your child with all your heart if she doesn't have her hair brushed?  I took pride in how she looked.  I dressed her, I did her hair, I put on her makeup.  I wanted her to appear to you that she was well rounded.  I am her mom.  Truth be told, I wanted you to believe I took good care of her.   So 18 months ago my parenting was put to the test,  Emily moved to a group home.  She lives with 8 other women and  she does very well.  She tells me she loves me, and then says,"mom I'm not ever moving back with you." 

She is never wearing what I would dress her in.  Her hair is seldom brushed to my liking.  She only wears make-up on holidays, and I never say a word.  Today I went to see her at her day program, and took pictures of all the adults she spends the day with.  So here is a corner of  life as we know it.
He always ask if I can stay and watch The Price is Right with him.  He reminds me repeatedly how much weight Drew Carey has lost!

I've known Donnie for years.  He only speaks a few words, but he is always smiling! Plus I don't think I've ever seen him without a suit coat on!

His eyes tell a story, but he cannot.  He has never spoken a word in his life!

Jack is one of Emily's dearest friends.  They volunteer together delivering Meals on Wheels.  She tells me they are a team.  When you speak with him, he never looks at you, he always turns away.

She has a laugh you would fall in love with.  I took pizza, she asked when would I be visiting again.  I said soon, she said not soon enough.  We both giggled!

I love this guy.  Many years at different events we have had to watch him have seizures.  He just keeps smiling through it all.   Lesson learned!

I had a conversation with her today on her beautiful pink hoodie.   I told her many people would see her picture and know she was very pretty.  That is the smile I received!

This gal I'm very close with.  I've known her many years. She has quite a personality, she is Emily.  She will be 28 in June.  She is my daughter, and I let her go live her life.  Love you girl, you know that I do.
Soooooo, (tears wiped away here)  I wanted to do this post for awhile.  Not that I don't trust you. There is just some matters of the heart I feel I need to protect.  I know, silly me.  Recently a friend and fellow blogger  was speaking with me on the phone.  We got on the topic of my life and raising Emily, which she didn't know about.  That was ok.  Next day she sent me an e-mail that said, "I knew you were pretty darn special, now I know you are golden."  Thank you Char.  You made this post possible.  These are the golden people in my life.
Last summer, Emily  asked if we could go to the car show.  I said do you really want to do that on such a beautiful a summer day.  Oh yes, she had heard about it on the news, and that was where we needed to be.

As always, I just can't thank you enough for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Small Corner of My Junkin World

Spring is starting to show up in small ways in my booth.  It's that time of year where I get a little antsy, and I just can't hold back.  I want to redo everything in my booth, redo everything in my home.  I need color and textures and the feeling that sunshiny days are just around the corner.  So here's a few pics of the changing that's going on in One Small Corner of My Junkin World.

When I see a set of Kitchen Craft serving bowls, I have memories of my momma!

Chalkboard Buckets

Each bucket is filled with treasures. I wouldn't want you going home with just a bucket!

Pink seems to be the color at this moment!

Maps are always on hand in my booth.  I can't help myself, even if they don't sell. shhhh!  Please don't tell Bob the Builder that!

A little turquoise blue always makes me smile!

Who said a punch bowl was just for punch?

I even offer garden supplies to the early birds!
So, I have made a beginning. For whatever reason, farmhouse look is calling my name. I promise there is more to show you in the next few days. What would a farmhouse look be without rust? Speaking on farms, just to the side of this post is a new button for Verde Farms. Just click and you will be taken to Amy's beautiful homestead, I love it! My hope one day is to visit The Tipton Five.

As always, I just can't thank you enough for stopping by!