Monday, November 29, 2010

"It's Been a Long Time Since I Did the Stroll"...

The blog stroll I should say!  Where have I been?  I wish I had this whirlwind story to tell you, but since arriving back from seeing my newest grandson, I have been no where but here in my home. I  have wanted to post. I even went so far as sitting at the keyboard to do so, but the words I had none. I have not been myself, and my heart and I are not on speaking terms right now. You ask why?  Take a lookie.

I arrived home only to realize my heart was left behind during this moment.  It can be hard to get much  accomplished when your thoughts are somewhere else. But work must be done, and I'm tired of stalking my favorite sites and not leaving a note behind.  Then I went through this whole other emotion that felt bloggity, cloggity.  I started to think, "Maybe I have nothing to contribute or type for that matter to this blogging world."  After several weeks enough is enough, this junking girl must get back to work.  This time of year is a great time to show and sell and I don't want to miss out. So here are a few pictures from my booth delivered to you. 

The Reason For The Season Hiding Behind A Snowflake.
The colors on these Sunday School teaching guides never disappoint.

A lady recently stepped into my booth, and we struck up a conversation about buying and selling.  She was so kind and said  my booth always had amazing finds, and she had purchased many for herself.  But she wondered and asked how I could part with some of the items?  I told her I had been buying and selling for many years so I kind of, yes, kind of gotten used to it.  My thoughts as we were speaking though were, "back away from the industrial mail tote, lady".  Kind of gotten used to it!!!

Please oh please, come home with me.

Vintage metal trucks can at times be out of this world pricey. Then every once in awhile, I'll find one that is not a collectible but has been used, and abused with lots of playing time love.  These are perfect for adorning.

Vintage register drawer.  I buy what I love, and I love this.
Couldn't you see this bank banner hanging up at a Christmas party.

I love vintage Christmas, the colors of it all. This time of year also allows me to show off the beautiful religious prints that are always available in the booth.  My sister has such a great eye for prints, and this next piece she found has never sold.  Must be a reason.  I don't believe either of us ever mind. 

  The buyers are out and I never want to disappoint.  I love these items as much as making them available to you.  And making gifts, wow, is one of my favorite past times.  For the last couple of years, paperweights have been my delight to make, and they have just found their way to the mall in time for Christmas.

 I promise, I really do, to be back soon and show the furniture that has been primed and painted for my small spot.  So good to be back with you and thanks to those who checked to see if everything was alright.  I'm here and as always "I can't thank you enough for stopping by".