Thursday, March 24, 2011

Junking, Painting and Creating!

It is almost show time.  I'm so excited, I can't hardly wait.  I will post sneak peeks very soon.  For now, here is the information so you can come and see all the talented vendors that day!!!  I promise you will not go home emptied handed.  My booth will be filled with all things vintage. 

As always I can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Show and Tell"

My dear readers, how can I ever thank you for all the comments about my daughter on my last post?   Your thoughts and experiences seemed sacred to me, and  I shed more than a few tears.   Then today just when I decided to put up a new post, well to my surprise my sister commented.  Now don't even get me started here, or teardrops might cloud up the screen. ( Did I ever tell you  that I'm really good at bringing on a crying fest?)  When I saw her name, well I knew right then 'Glenda do a new post or you will be crying another couple of weeks and lost in blogland.'   In my life, there is no one who has cheered me on more than my dear sister.   So thank you to each.  Your names and comments are engraved in my heart.

 Now for the new post.  I'm going to be in a show y'all.  Been so long since I've done a show, but oh how I have missed the show vibe.  The saving back of my best junk, the thought of the display, buying(never forget buying), and the junkers you meet along the way.  Now enough about me.  I want to introduce you to Katie Femia.  She is the mastermind behind this whole idea.  Without her, well we vendors would just be without!  I sat down with Katie today and asked her a few questions, like how did this come to you?.  Was it out of the blue?   Here's what Katie had to say for herself.                                                                                                                       

Katie, have you ever participated or coordinated a show before?
    I have never coordinated, but I have been a vendor a dozen times or so.  I worked in a antique mall, while I attended college to generate extra income.  I have had the love of vintage for some time. I do know what I like to shop for, so the show will be set up along those lines.  And I love a show well organized and I hope to bring my organizational skills to this task.   The name of the show is 'All things Handmade and Vintage Bazaar.'

So how did you come up with the idea and name?
    Saturdays are my junk hunting days, though not limited too.  When I come home after one of these excursions, the first question my husband asks, "Did you get anything good?"  Next question, "Is it vintage?"   It just seemed like it all fell in place.  Like it sounded right.

Katie, what does vintage mean to you?
   Aged beautifully.  Somewhat fresh, not stuffy and uptight like antique.  Vintage is an item loved by someone through the years.  

How many vendors will display and sell, and what can shoppers expect on April 10th.
    The show is at capacity right now with 45 vendors setting up in 65 spaces.  But if you know someone really good at displaying and selling, I'll make room.  I want shoppers to expect a new experience in a show.  Not a craft bazaar (though nothing against that) but vendors who have a love for the items their selling and going out of their way to bring the best to the show.

Besides organizing the show, will you be displaying wares yourself?
   My entire family will be in on the action.  It's like a family affair.  Yes, I will be also selling my creations and wares.  It definitely has a spring theme, with flower pots and plant stands.  I also work with vintage fabrics, and I have a love for 50's kitchen items.  My space will be a blend.  I also can't wait for my father to showcase the shadow boxes he creates.

Katie, what inspires you?
    I enjoy taking  vintage finds and turning them into something beautiful.   As a teacher of 2nd graders, I see them doing this all the time.  They recreate and are always happy with the way it turned out.  They see their handmade items as beautiful.  I also must say my biggest inspiration is my family.  They encourage me in my junk collecting, though they would never call it that.  They have inspired  me to put this show together.  I couldn't do this without their support.  My husband and even my five year old daughter have been putting up with junk being collected for the show, and they are happy for me.  Yes, my family is my biggest inspiration.   One day I would love to visit the Farm Chicks Show.  To me, they are the Bee's Knee's.  Until that takes place, I want to have a show right here in my home town.  I want to take advantage of all the great talent that is right around us that otherwise people might never know about.  This is inspiration to me!

What is your hopes for this show?
    My first hope is that the dealers feel success.  They are taking as much of a risk as I am.  So I really want them to feel the day of the show, that it was a good day to be a vendor.  Next hope is the people who come to purchase will feel inspired.  That they will find items they wouldn't find anywhere else and walk away saying, "We have really needed a show like this in our area.  When will be the next one?"

Thank you Katie.  She was a delight to speak with.   She is married to the love of her life, is a terrific mom to a five year old and a one year old, also is a second grade teacher, and last but not least a show promoter.  I am also excited for her and wanted to post about this show for all who are involved.  Here in the blogging community a world has opened up for so many of us who might never have the chance to travel to our dream shop, shows, and destinations.  So Katie stepped up and said she will work to bring it here.  Yeah!  The next couple of posts, I will talk about some of the vendors and also give pics on what you will find in my booth.  I also have a special guest who will be displaying with me, and I can't wait to introduce you to him.  Off to visit with my grandsons, till then.

As always I just can't thank you enough for stopping by!