Thursday, February 17, 2011

Matters of the Heart! And just a few tears on my part!

I have never spoken with you about my daughter Emily.  Today is the day.  I promise not to go into great details, but only to tell you  that she was born mentally challenged.  Emily will be 28 in June.  One and half years ago,  I let her go.  She wanted so badly to be like any other child.  She wanted to leave home when she grew up.  I cried, I yelled, and I cried some more, but I knew in my heart it was the right time, and the right thing to do for her. 

As a mother I asked,  what would she do without me?  Who would brush her hair?   I knew she wouldn't.  It's scary to ask yourself, can you love your child with all your heart if she doesn't have her hair brushed?  I took pride in how she looked.  I dressed her, I did her hair, I put on her makeup.  I wanted her to appear to you that she was well rounded.  I am her mom.  Truth be told, I wanted you to believe I took good care of her.   So 18 months ago my parenting was put to the test,  Emily moved to a group home.  She lives with 8 other women and  she does very well.  She tells me she loves me, and then says,"mom I'm not ever moving back with you." 

She is never wearing what I would dress her in.  Her hair is seldom brushed to my liking.  She only wears make-up on holidays, and I never say a word.  Today I went to see her at her day program, and took pictures of all the adults she spends the day with.  So here is a corner of  life as we know it.
He always ask if I can stay and watch The Price is Right with him.  He reminds me repeatedly how much weight Drew Carey has lost!

I've known Donnie for years.  He only speaks a few words, but he is always smiling! Plus I don't think I've ever seen him without a suit coat on!

His eyes tell a story, but he cannot.  He has never spoken a word in his life!

Jack is one of Emily's dearest friends.  They volunteer together delivering Meals on Wheels.  She tells me they are a team.  When you speak with him, he never looks at you, he always turns away.

She has a laugh you would fall in love with.  I took pizza, she asked when would I be visiting again.  I said soon, she said not soon enough.  We both giggled!

I love this guy.  Many years at different events we have had to watch him have seizures.  He just keeps smiling through it all.   Lesson learned!

I had a conversation with her today on her beautiful pink hoodie.   I told her many people would see her picture and know she was very pretty.  That is the smile I received!

This gal I'm very close with.  I've known her many years. She has quite a personality, she is Emily.  She will be 28 in June.  She is my daughter, and I let her go live her life.  Love you girl, you know that I do.
Soooooo, (tears wiped away here)  I wanted to do this post for awhile.  Not that I don't trust you. There is just some matters of the heart I feel I need to protect.  I know, silly me.  Recently a friend and fellow blogger  was speaking with me on the phone.  We got on the topic of my life and raising Emily, which she didn't know about.  That was ok.  Next day she sent me an e-mail that said, "I knew you were pretty darn special, now I know you are golden."  Thank you Char.  You made this post possible.  These are the golden people in my life.
Last summer, Emily  asked if we could go to the car show.  I said do you really want to do that on such a beautiful a summer day.  Oh yes, she had heard about it on the news, and that was where we needed to be.

As always, I just can't thank you enough for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Small Corner of My Junkin World

Spring is starting to show up in small ways in my booth.  It's that time of year where I get a little antsy, and I just can't hold back.  I want to redo everything in my booth, redo everything in my home.  I need color and textures and the feeling that sunshiny days are just around the corner.  So here's a few pics of the changing that's going on in One Small Corner of My Junkin World.

When I see a set of Kitchen Craft serving bowls, I have memories of my momma!

Chalkboard Buckets

Each bucket is filled with treasures. I wouldn't want you going home with just a bucket!

Pink seems to be the color at this moment!

Maps are always on hand in my booth.  I can't help myself, even if they don't sell. shhhh!  Please don't tell Bob the Builder that!

A little turquoise blue always makes me smile!

Who said a punch bowl was just for punch?

I even offer garden supplies to the early birds!
So, I have made a beginning. For whatever reason, farmhouse look is calling my name. I promise there is more to show you in the next few days. What would a farmhouse look be without rust? Speaking on farms, just to the side of this post is a new button for Verde Farms. Just click and you will be taken to Amy's beautiful homestead, I love it! My hope one day is to visit The Tipton Five.

As always, I just can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

From the Bottom of My Heart!

Isn't it just like me to finally have all things in place to say hello once again to you, and not know what to type?  First, oh how I've missed each of you.  The weeks turned into months, then during those months time turned into moments. The weeks have brought  illness in this house, financial burdens, and then my husbands brother-in-law/best friend ended his life.  There are very few words to describe Dave's passing, but I will say I witnessed an enormous amount of Grace.  Humility was given and shown to my husbands family, and their courage and faith during this time has effected me forever.

 While I was away from my blog, I pleaded and begged that all our electronics would magically appear again.  Nothing was happening fast enough for me.  What would my few followers do?  They might pack up and leave.  Would they accept me back?  Oh the crazy thoughts I have thought.  Then when I got the chance, I would sneak around blog land.  Yes you read that right, sneaked.  Every once in-a-while I would stop by and comment on your blog, but not often.  I just couldn't find any words to type. I wouldn't want you to stop by mine, and see that I wasn't there.   I couldn't find my way back. Then tragedy hit and I understood timing.  My family needed me, and I was not distracted.  I could give, I could pray, and I could stop feeling sorry for myself.  Isn't life just like that?

Where do each of you fit in?  Your kindness.  Even when I was absent, there were notes sent to me via e-mail.  Notes saying, "Hey, is everything ok?  Haven't seen you around the screen much."  You will never know how much I needed those notes and as silly as this might sound, I have needed each of my followers.  I look at your little boxes, and think, "They care Glenda."  That's why they hit the button to follow.  I'm just hopeful like that.   And now here I am, back with you my new found friends.  I have missed you.  From the Bottom of My Heart,  hello and thank you!  I'll be seeing you around the screen soon enough.
As always, I can't thank you enough for stopping by!