Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Could I ask?

I always want to pray for others, but often feel awkward asking for prayer just for myself.  It makes me feel vulnerable, or that maybe I haven't done enough and have found myself in a situation that I shouldn't be in.  I know these are only lies that I tell myself, yet I would be withholding the truth from you if I said I never felt that way.  So here it goes.   Today our home was burglarized.  I arrived home to find our door completely kicked off the hinges.  I ran into the house to look for my little Westie.  I was at that moment not concerned about my safety or the condition I found our home in only that my little dog was ok.  When I found the little guy upstairs hiding, that is when I noticed what had happened. 
Sir Winston
Those who broke in came for electronics, it wasn't a big heist.  We just don't own very many electronics.  But what we have they took.  We can get by without these items.  It's just a certain feeling of safety I find hard to live without.  It has jarred me.  I'm not angry, resentful, frustrated, but I am sad.  My husband and I have so little, we know that and we're ok with that, but we always felt safe.  Not at this moment.  I know in the days ahead we will shake this off, and go on with our day to day  happenings.  Till then, "could I ask?"  Could I ask, if tonight you would send a prayer up for us?   Would you send a prayer up for them?   I will not ask you to pray for specifics.  I trust your thoughts.  But that only you would think of everyone involved.  I thank you in advance, you have always been so kind in this little short time I have blogged.  As always, I can't thank you enough for stopping by.