Monday, August 30, 2010

Calling for Display's

Make sure you head over to Elizabeth House for her "Window Display Challenge".  I'm sure each of you love Elizabeth and her incredible style as much as I do.  You can visit her at

I'll be back soon with my next post.   This last week brought about some challenges in my life.  Everything is ok, just a couple steps behind.   Can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I was a Spectator!

First, I want to thank each and everyone of you who commented on my window display. The things you said were heartfelt and have cheered this Midwest gal on. I was not sure what to expect when I started this blog, just knew I  so badly wanted to  be apart of all of you.   I was a spectator, reading and admiring your photos as all of you are so talented.  Always thinking, "I wanted to blog, too."   So thank you, thank you, thank you, for including me. I have needed you more than I could ever express publicly. 

My next big project of course is the communion table. I want to sneak peeks to you, I just can not do that  yet. I love redoing large pieces of furniture. Painting and adorning them is my passion. So just a few more days and I will be able to show the finished product.   For now, I give you three photos of two bottles all dressed up and waiting their turn to go and be sold(wishful thinking always).   I have been doing these bottles as each of you have for quite some time. The customers keep buying, so I keep making. So till other projects are done, that is it for now.  I can't stay away too long as I feel our friendships have just begun. Can't thank you enough for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From One Extreme to the Next!

I have been promising photos of a  window display I did recently.  I have noticed that almost every time I do a post I make this promise again.  Well,  there is a reason for this, not a great reason,  but a reason.  I want so badly to have my photos look great on the screen, there's a slight problem with this expectation though, photographer I am not.  Since, this display was done for the storefront  window,  I  knew  there would be glare.   How  could I get around that?  So I found myself taking photos in the day.  I found myself  taking photos at night.  Maybe,  if I stand this way, maybe I can hold the camera that way.  uhgggg!   Rushing home and downloading the pictures,  I then  found myself playing around with  the photos in this photo shop program, and that program trying to jazz the pics up..  uhgggg.!  So I have given up on the window display.  Oh,  I will show some photos, but I can't promise anything.  What is this  idea of perfection?  This pride, this ego, is something I can't seem to shake.   Is this a  newbie feeling of the blog life?  So there, I feel better already just admitting I'm having this problem.

Some quick info.  The twenty dollar garage sale china cabinet did not end up at the junker's booth.  The cabinet ended up at a beautiful little bridal shop called Girly Girl.  It stands in the window, along side a chicken wire dress form.  For the time being, it is holding rhinestone pretties and standing very tall for all to see.  

The form is dressed in burlap, coffee filters, and sheet music.  All the things I love, that you creative and talented women put to use in your own displays.  

This is just a small window.  At night though, it is dreamy with the display lights shining down.

  I go from one extreme to the next.  I love to work on what appears to be junk, at  the next turn, paint furniture for girlie affects.   So thank you for waiting, never questioning me on where the pics are and always commenting on what this newbie blogger posts.  Each of you have been super kind, and it means the world  to me.  Can't thank you enough for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where a Junker Creates!

So, after many scrubs, and suds, and sunbathing, I was finally able to work on my handyman tool chest.  No, it wasn't me that needed the cleaning.  Wow, that chest had a god awful odor  to it.  This  is one of the dangers of being a junker.  You just never know what extremes you might have to go to get something clean.  I  have cleaned the worst and the best, so  this was not going to hold me back.  Now, some of you said that you   loved the chest just the way it was.  I agree.   I loved it, too.  Sometimes though, these things need a little adornment,  and adornment the tool chest was getting.  So just a quick peek down memory lane. 

Yes, this is the before picture. Did I ever mention that this was a piece I found, but that my sister wanted?  Ok, here it goes.   I hope she likes. TaDa!

The wood has been darkened though it  looks a little red in the picture.   I assure you;  it is a lovely dark walnut gel stain color. Yes,  I told you that adornments were in the works. So a paisley skirt has been made. On the  top of the chest, the wood was sliced and diced. So paisley was used to cover that, too.  I had a metal stool that was just begging to be put to use, yes you guessed it, a skirt for it also.  My oh, oh my, how sweet the two look together.

Do you like industrial as much as I do? One of my favorite parts on the chest are  vintage factory light fixtures used to hold water, water for flowers and water to clean my brushes. Oh, that reminds me. I couldn't  change the tool chest into something else. No re-purpose this time. This piece was made to hold tools to fix and build and construct, and I have kept it that way for that very reason, a  place to sit and paint and create.

Inside the chest,  I put all the bits and baubbles I collect along the way. There is more storage underneath and some of my fabric is stashed there.

So there it is. I have named  this the perfect piece " Where Glenda Creates."  I will leave you with just a few more pictures that show some of the details. I could have put more details on it, I am known to go over board sometimes.  Trying to curb that instinct a bit, because remember Bob the Builder would like to see me sell.   He said,  "I know, I know, you have artistic expression  but can you sell?" Yes I can, Mr. Builder! So here is a  few more pics from  me, to you, before the Handi Dandi Tool Chest finds its way to the Junker's booth.

A picture of my grandson found its way into the chest. You can't blame a girl for trying to keep this great find for herself.  Can you?   Even PaPaw the Builder can't resist a picture of that little boy.

Thank you for staying with such a long post. My purpose is not to bore you with picture after picture.  I'm really just trying to learn how to use this blogie, thingie, program. So, on to my next project, and I almost forgot, I still have a window display that I will be showing you soon.  Till then. Can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My new Favorite place!

This lovely hidden gem is in Edwardsburg, Mi. and is known as Iron Lace Antiques. How have I missed this place on my junking travels? Husband and wife, Jerry and Mary Beth own and operate this lovely antique shop on their property. Their home, the barn, the three acres were very inviting. The whole time I was there, I kept thinking, "When can I make it back?"

They bought the property ten years ago, and it's been a dream come true ever since. Jerry and Mary Beth are delightful. They are willing to share the history of their place with all who visit. Yes it is a dream, but their dream has brought about much work. I could be wrong but I swear Jerry told me 7000 pounds of trash was removed. Yes, I'm sure he said 7000 pounds!

The antique shop in the barn is an extension of their love for all things old. They have been collectors for many, many, years. Oh, I could go on and on, but go see for yourself if you happen to be in the area. Scouts honor, you will not be disappointed. I took so many pictures, I will continue to show a few with each post. Thank you Mary Beth and Jerry, my new best friends; and one more thing Happy 45Th Anniversary.

I also have been very busy with projects. Yes, I love to drive the countryside looking for hidden treasures, but I think Bob the Builder is expecting me to make a little money along the way. Very soon I will post pictures of all the work I've been doing. This will include a window display at a local bridal shop. The handyman tool chest has been re-purposed. My future project is a communion table with so many possibilities. Wow, I love my junkers life. I want to take this moment and thank each of you on your comments, they have not only been endearing, they have challenged me to dig deeper into the creative pool that is available to us all. Can't thank you enough for stopping by.