Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Could I ask?

I always want to pray for others, but often feel awkward asking for prayer just for myself.  It makes me feel vulnerable, or that maybe I haven't done enough and have found myself in a situation that I shouldn't be in.  I know these are only lies that I tell myself, yet I would be withholding the truth from you if I said I never felt that way.  So here it goes.   Today our home was burglarized.  I arrived home to find our door completely kicked off the hinges.  I ran into the house to look for my little Westie.  I was at that moment not concerned about my safety or the condition I found our home in only that my little dog was ok.  When I found the little guy upstairs hiding, that is when I noticed what had happened. 
Sir Winston
Those who broke in came for electronics, it wasn't a big heist.  We just don't own very many electronics.  But what we have they took.  We can get by without these items.  It's just a certain feeling of safety I find hard to live without.  It has jarred me.  I'm not angry, resentful, frustrated, but I am sad.  My husband and I have so little, we know that and we're ok with that, but we always felt safe.  Not at this moment.  I know in the days ahead we will shake this off, and go on with our day to day  happenings.  Till then, "could I ask?"  Could I ask, if tonight you would send a prayer up for us?   Would you send a prayer up for them?   I will not ask you to pray for specifics.  I trust your thoughts.  But that only you would think of everyone involved.  I thank you in advance, you have always been so kind in this little short time I have blogged.  As always, I can't thank you enough for stopping by. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

"It's Been a Long Time Since I Did the Stroll"...

The blog stroll I should say!  Where have I been?  I wish I had this whirlwind story to tell you, but since arriving back from seeing my newest grandson, I have been no where but here in my home. I  have wanted to post. I even went so far as sitting at the keyboard to do so, but the words I had none. I have not been myself, and my heart and I are not on speaking terms right now. You ask why?  Take a lookie.

I arrived home only to realize my heart was left behind during this moment.  It can be hard to get much  accomplished when your thoughts are somewhere else. But work must be done, and I'm tired of stalking my favorite sites and not leaving a note behind.  Then I went through this whole other emotion that felt bloggity, cloggity.  I started to think, "Maybe I have nothing to contribute or type for that matter to this blogging world."  After several weeks enough is enough, this junking girl must get back to work.  This time of year is a great time to show and sell and I don't want to miss out. So here are a few pictures from my booth delivered to you. 

The Reason For The Season Hiding Behind A Snowflake.
The colors on these Sunday School teaching guides never disappoint.

A lady recently stepped into my booth, and we struck up a conversation about buying and selling.  She was so kind and said  my booth always had amazing finds, and she had purchased many for herself.  But she wondered and asked how I could part with some of the items?  I told her I had been buying and selling for many years so I kind of, yes, kind of gotten used to it.  My thoughts as we were speaking though were, "back away from the industrial mail tote, lady".  Kind of gotten used to it!!!

Please oh please, come home with me.

Vintage metal trucks can at times be out of this world pricey. Then every once in awhile, I'll find one that is not a collectible but has been used, and abused with lots of playing time love.  These are perfect for adorning.

Vintage register drawer.  I buy what I love, and I love this.
Couldn't you see this bank banner hanging up at a Christmas party.

I love vintage Christmas, the colors of it all. This time of year also allows me to show off the beautiful religious prints that are always available in the booth.  My sister has such a great eye for prints, and this next piece she found has never sold.  Must be a reason.  I don't believe either of us ever mind. 

  The buyers are out and I never want to disappoint.  I love these items as much as making them available to you.  And making gifts, wow, is one of my favorite past times.  For the last couple of years, paperweights have been my delight to make, and they have just found their way to the mall in time for Christmas.

 I promise, I really do, to be back soon and show the furniture that has been primed and painted for my small spot.  So good to be back with you and thanks to those who checked to see if everything was alright.  I'm here and as always "I can't thank you enough for stopping by".

Friday, October 29, 2010

"One Two Buckle My Shoe"

I want to introduce to you two little boys who I'm crazy in love with.  This little guy is Benjamin Robert, he is twenty-two months old.  This mamaw thinks he is the most handsome in all the land.  Dreamy blue eyes and such a deep thinker.

Three days ago something special happened to Benjamin, he became a big brother to this little guy.  Yes, Yes, I'm a grandmother all over again.  Oh, my goodness isn't he precious?  He's precious, but also a whopper 9lbs 2.4oz.   Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on him.

I leave this next week, so you my dear blogging friends, if you do not hear from me no need to worry.  I will be off doing what any mamaw wants to do, and what she does best, hold her grandbabies.

I will return with new junking adventures, and lots of visiting and catching up with you.  If I could ask one favor, just one?   Could you please say hey to my daughter-in-law here It would make this grandma so happy, and I promise I'll owe you big time.   Till then and as always, I can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Junkin Girls One Destination Na-Da Farm

My first blog land adventure took me to the Na-Da Farm Barn sell.   We were two junkin' girls out on a three hour tour.  It was iffy on whether I could go, you see Friday morning found me at the doctor's office.  What the heck, I was just going to be in a car the next three hours,  and this was a trip I had waited for.

Two girls out on road trip calls for some background music.  We found this album to be the best.

My first trip out to you wonderful blogging friends did bring about moments of discipline.  One is I love to buy.  I love to buy alot, and I love to buy beautiful vintage items.  I also wanted to take pictures, because pictures give the memories.  Pictures tell the story.  Problem I found, I don't do the two of these disciplines very well together.  You see, while I'm trying to take a picture, I can see next shopper buying lovely vintage item that I want out of the corner of my eye.  So first lesson,  this junkin' girl either goes with the intention of buying, or she goes to take pictures.  I have a pretty good I idea what direction I will choose. 

My picture does not do this entry way justice.  The hand painted curtains were lovely. 

Looking through a huge paper wreath.  Wish I would have taken more pictures of Anne Marie's breathtaking homestead.
Vignette swoon!  Organic cake mixes are ready for purchase in a rusted shopping cart set center stage with an industrial light shinning down.

There was vintage beauty everywhere.  As the evening started to fade and darkness set in the barn took on a warm glow.  I wondered to myself how can this city girl get herself a barn?

Oh my goodness can this Parisienne Farmgirl bake.  Two junkin' girls went home with a bag of these. 

Now the lovely Anne Marie and Jen. Still working, one holding a pen, the other a plate of cookies.  The creativity was beyond words.

Wish, oh wish I would have introduced myself to other bloggers that I admire.  But first time out felt awkward, oh don't get me wrong everyone was kind, gracious, and so happy for you to be there.  But it's a whole new world to me. This Midwestern girl, who has been a mom for so many years, now that her youngsters are grown she has found a need to roam.  First Stop took her to Na-Da Farm.  I do have one last picture.  I do not know who the mother and daughter are.  They were walking, leaving the sale at the same time we were.   I couldn't resist asking if I could take their picture.  They were pleasantly surprised.  They had dressed for the occasion, and seemed so content with their cherished purchase.
As always I can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Back and Workin Like the Dickens!

Oh my, oh my, how time flies whether I'm having fun, or working like the dickens to get things done.  Bob the Builder and I have had a beautiful jaunt up to Michigan.  Everything about our trip was wonderful, and when we got there, both of us understood why it was so badly needed. 

Now that I'm back, I have been revamping my little junk booth at the antique mall.  I went with the intention of toning my look down a little.  You know, maybe not so much color.   Yes,  I love the faded look I see everywhere.  I more than love it.  At times, I find myself up late at night examining each photo on your blogs, saying oh yes, great look, must do that.  But no, never works for me.  I guess I love me some color.  So here are some pics, no snickering now, just a little techno color coming your way.  Hope you enjoy.
See what I mean about my choices!  Color!  With a little gray to tone it down.
Thank goodness for little white pumpkins!
Halloween jars are a must.  My sister loves bottles, since she is an October baby, she will have her pick of one of these.  Happy Birthday to my sister Sheila!
First Aid sign purchased from Rhubarb Reign.  Love their stuff.  Love the sentiment of the arrow pointing to where I find my aid!
A watch'ma call it, made into a watch'ma call it!,
Hard to leave behind this apothecary jar stand!  (heart sinks looking at the picture)
I love those Bible verse teaching guides hanging on either side of the map.  Their from the 1940's.  ( heart sinks a little more looking at pictures)
I myself can never get enough loving cups! Swoon!!!
Or industrial size buckets!  Double Swoon!!!
Yes my communion table finally made it's way to the booth!
Finally the booth is together.  I have finally posted on my blog.  Now, one more thing to do, visit each of you.  I'll have to back track a little, I feel I missed so much.  But you will see me, I'll be showing up in your comment box.  Till then, Can't thank you enough for stopping by.

Friday, September 17, 2010

This is where you can find Me!

Wow, I feel like such a lucky girl.    You see, I'm part of a friendly, loving, and inspiring contest going on over at Elizabeth House Shop Talk.  Right now, this very moment, my window display is being shown on her site.  Anyone who knows me well enough, ...Bob the Builder, my sister, and anyone else who will care to listen, knows how much I love Elizabeth's style.  So this hour, while she shines me up and shows me off, it just makes me love her even more.  Thank you Elizabeth.  So please go over and take a peek.  Look around.  And keep going back.   There are more window displays to come from very talented women and men. 

I also want to take the time and thank each of you for the wonderful comments.  They mean so much to me, more than I can type out to you.  I want to visit each of you and thank you personally, and I will.  But this must wait a few days.  You see, Bob the Builder and I are off for a much needed vacation..  A few days to hike, canoe, and relax.  These are activities we love to do together and we haven't  yet this summer, and well, summer is turning into autumn around here.  It is turning very quickly.  There will also be some shopping on this trip. You see, when I get back  I'll get to show you the complete redo in my junk booth.   Till then, as always, I can't thank you enough for stopping by!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I might have to open up a Bakery!

Have I ever told you how much I love Craigslist?  Well, it rates right up there with raspberry tea.  I love it.  I tell you.  I love it.  Now, Craigslist is kind of funny, not funny ha-ha, more like  "They've got to be kidding" kind of funny.  Every once in awhile I come across an ad that sparks my curiosity.  Not to many weeks ago the ad read, "Communion table, love offering, e-mail."    E-mail I did.  Two days later Bob the Builder is looking at me, the look only The Builder seems to have, as we were loading the Communion table into the 'Pink Cadillac'.   I'm so excited  I'm telling him the endless possibilities.  Buffet, seems most likely, but the idea I love is a counter at a bakery,  Bread of Life.  See, I'm on to something here.  He wonders out loud to me, "do you believe a customer opening a bakery is going to be coming through your junk booth, and go ah ha just what I was looking for?   I repeated stranger things have happened!  You Mr. Builder just loaded a communion table into a pink Caddie.

I've never met a piece of furniture that this product couldn't help.

Yes, it is an awfully big piece of  furniture to paint.  To help me move it around, I put casters on it.  The casters are staying.  I'm loving the industrial look right now.

Paint, advertising item,  tin ceiling strips and chalkboard paint, helped to finish the look.

I hope you like.  I'm always scared of the reveal. I promised to show you, and I don't make my promises lightly.   We took these pictures at a band shell in our town.  It seems a girl taking pictures in the park of a communion table, can bring some onlookers.  I felt so bad, because there were actual cars that stopped and got out thinking something big was about to happened.  I was willing to share the bread.  They didn't seem to be to amused by that.  I winked at The Builder just to say, see!

Before I sign off,. I want to thank each of you who sent extra special notes to see if I was ok this last week.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your kindness did not go unnoticed.  Can't thank you enough for stopping by!