Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where a Junker Creates!

So, after many scrubs, and suds, and sunbathing, I was finally able to work on my handyman tool chest.  No, it wasn't me that needed the cleaning.  Wow, that chest had a god awful odor  to it.  This  is one of the dangers of being a junker.  You just never know what extremes you might have to go to get something clean.  I  have cleaned the worst and the best, so  this was not going to hold me back.  Now, some of you said that you   loved the chest just the way it was.  I agree.   I loved it, too.  Sometimes though, these things need a little adornment,  and adornment the tool chest was getting.  So just a quick peek down memory lane. 

Yes, this is the before picture. Did I ever mention that this was a piece I found, but that my sister wanted?  Ok, here it goes.   I hope she likes. TaDa!

The wood has been darkened though it  looks a little red in the picture.   I assure you;  it is a lovely dark walnut gel stain color. Yes,  I told you that adornments were in the works. So a paisley skirt has been made. On the  top of the chest, the wood was sliced and diced. So paisley was used to cover that, too.  I had a metal stool that was just begging to be put to use, yes you guessed it, a skirt for it also.  My oh, oh my, how sweet the two look together.

Do you like industrial as much as I do? One of my favorite parts on the chest are  vintage factory light fixtures used to hold water, water for flowers and water to clean my brushes. Oh, that reminds me. I couldn't  change the tool chest into something else. No re-purpose this time. This piece was made to hold tools to fix and build and construct, and I have kept it that way for that very reason, a  place to sit and paint and create.

Inside the chest,  I put all the bits and baubbles I collect along the way. There is more storage underneath and some of my fabric is stashed there.

So there it is. I have named  this the perfect piece " Where Glenda Creates."  I will leave you with just a few more pictures that show some of the details. I could have put more details on it, I am known to go over board sometimes.  Trying to curb that instinct a bit, because remember Bob the Builder would like to see me sell.   He said,  "I know, I know, you have artistic expression  but can you sell?" Yes I can, Mr. Builder! So here is a  few more pics from  me, to you, before the Handi Dandi Tool Chest finds its way to the Junker's booth.

A picture of my grandson found its way into the chest. You can't blame a girl for trying to keep this great find for herself.  Can you?   Even PaPaw the Builder can't resist a picture of that little boy.

Thank you for staying with such a long post. My purpose is not to bore you with picture after picture.  I'm really just trying to learn how to use this blogie, thingie, program. So, on to my next project, and I almost forgot, I still have a window display that I will be showing you soon.  Till then. Can't thank you enough for stopping by!


  1. I love how it turned's a perfect.

  2. I have just the spot for that. Bring it on over. Thanks. K. Bye.

  3. It is just the coolest thing. How interesting. And I love what you have done with it.

  4. LOVE IT!!! Okay, I got your message - watch for the next round of traveling art - I already have an idea BUT really won't be up for awhile. This current project will end in November and then I probably won't post the next idea until after the holidays! Hope you stay tuned!
    cheers, dana

  5. This turned out just great!! I know how much work this can be . . . and you did such a great job - well done! :) liz

  6. wow that is an amazing all in one space!
    I just wanted to thank you for stopping by and considering the challenge.
    All you have to do to join in on the fun is post about what you have made on August 31st and stop by my blog with a comment or a link to show it, just that easy.
    Take care
    hope to see you on august 31st

  7. That is so cleaver to put the light figures on the side, they are great, as is the chest. Thanks for your sweet comment and hope you have an awesome weekend, T

  8. I LOVE it!! Mine right?!! Naw we cant keep all the goodies for ourselves!

  9. Hi Glenda....thanks for visiting our blog, and your sweet comment! In turn, I have found yours and look forward to following.....also, I LOVE your pink caddy!!! Happy Junkin..........Cathy aka Girls gone Junkin

  10. Oh, it turned out just fabulous, I love it!

  11. Hi Glenda! Very creative; excellent repurposing, too. And yes, do come and see us at Allegan. xo

  12. Wonderful things. Love your window display!


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