Monday, September 6, 2010

I might have to open up a Bakery!

Have I ever told you how much I love Craigslist?  Well, it rates right up there with raspberry tea.  I love it.  I tell you.  I love it.  Now, Craigslist is kind of funny, not funny ha-ha, more like  "They've got to be kidding" kind of funny.  Every once in awhile I come across an ad that sparks my curiosity.  Not to many weeks ago the ad read, "Communion table, love offering, e-mail."    E-mail I did.  Two days later Bob the Builder is looking at me, the look only The Builder seems to have, as we were loading the Communion table into the 'Pink Cadillac'.   I'm so excited  I'm telling him the endless possibilities.  Buffet, seems most likely, but the idea I love is a counter at a bakery,  Bread of Life.  See, I'm on to something here.  He wonders out loud to me, "do you believe a customer opening a bakery is going to be coming through your junk booth, and go ah ha just what I was looking for?   I repeated stranger things have happened!  You Mr. Builder just loaded a communion table into a pink Caddie.

I've never met a piece of furniture that this product couldn't help.

Yes, it is an awfully big piece of  furniture to paint.  To help me move it around, I put casters on it.  The casters are staying.  I'm loving the industrial look right now.

Paint, advertising item,  tin ceiling strips and chalkboard paint, helped to finish the look.

I hope you like.  I'm always scared of the reveal. I promised to show you, and I don't make my promises lightly.   We took these pictures at a band shell in our town.  It seems a girl taking pictures in the park of a communion table, can bring some onlookers.  I felt so bad, because there were actual cars that stopped and got out thinking something big was about to happened.  I was willing to share the bread.  They didn't seem to be to amused by that.  I winked at The Builder just to say, see!

Before I sign off,. I want to thank each of you who sent extra special notes to see if I was ok this last week.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your kindness did not go unnoticed.  Can't thank you enough for stopping by!



  1. I love it...wish I had a bakery!
    I also love the casters.
    and what great husband to take it to the park for you so you could take pictures.
    Hope you have a wonderful week....

  2. GORGEOUS! And ingenious. What a great way to use chalkboard paint too. Fab.

  3. ooooohhh!!! i want i want i want! LOVE IT!!! i am so drooling over that...I've always dreamed of having a little bakery, and that piece...oh my gosh, yep definitely a part of that dream now! tooooo cool!!!!

    hope ya'll are having a great week! =)

  4. Ha! I love it!! That is soooo different!!

  5. Wow a communion table,how lucky are u? Looks great! The chalkboard paint is genius.

  6. It's fantastic! I don't need a bakery , that would look awesome in my kitchen! ;) Can't wait to see whats next ! Love ya!

  7. Absolutely wonderful!! The table is so cool and I LOVE the photo of your creative!

  8. You've done it again Glenda! It's awesome. And where in the world did you park it for this photo? Pray tell? It's picture perfect!


  9. Wow...great transformation!!!!! Lucky find:)

  10. Hey, Glenda! Thanks for your nice note on our post. I will pass your thoughts on to Lynda. I'm deleting the Grayslake post, so that the one on Preston will be on top for the week. Just fyi. xo

  11. I LOOOOVVVVEEE it! I just cracked up laughing at the last photo - that takes the cake - or bread - in this case. How cool to take photos there. It is beautiful - wish I could have a kitchen for it!

    Thanks for sharing,

  12. This is a fabulous piece! And of course the "bread of life" does not escape me. Great job, what a find!

  13. So glad I found you over on Elizabeth's blog and her little contest.

    I am loving that pink cadallic thing. I am looking for an old vintage car.

    The bread of life is for us all.Amen


  14. LOVE! what a fab piece! Can't wait until it sells!

  15. Bread of Life!! So imaginative. You did an outstanding job and I hope it goes to a great place. I think it would look great anywhere including in the kitchen. But how did you manage to get that big thing up all those steps to take a pic?

  16. I think we are kindred spirits...we should meet sometime! how far away are you from me her in lil' ol Decatur?
    I love junking! but no pink cadillac......just an old white minivan, but it does the job and hauls the finds!
    The communion table is just beautiful beyond words. I adore anything old from churches...and the white is divine!


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