Friday, October 1, 2010

Back and Workin Like the Dickens!

Oh my, oh my, how time flies whether I'm having fun, or working like the dickens to get things done.  Bob the Builder and I have had a beautiful jaunt up to Michigan.  Everything about our trip was wonderful, and when we got there, both of us understood why it was so badly needed. 

Now that I'm back, I have been revamping my little junk booth at the antique mall.  I went with the intention of toning my look down a little.  You know, maybe not so much color.   Yes,  I love the faded look I see everywhere.  I more than love it.  At times, I find myself up late at night examining each photo on your blogs, saying oh yes, great look, must do that.  But no, never works for me.  I guess I love me some color.  So here are some pics, no snickering now, just a little techno color coming your way.  Hope you enjoy.
See what I mean about my choices!  Color!  With a little gray to tone it down.
Thank goodness for little white pumpkins!
Halloween jars are a must.  My sister loves bottles, since she is an October baby, she will have her pick of one of these.  Happy Birthday to my sister Sheila!
First Aid sign purchased from Rhubarb Reign.  Love their stuff.  Love the sentiment of the arrow pointing to where I find my aid!
A watch'ma call it, made into a watch'ma call it!,
Hard to leave behind this apothecary jar stand!  (heart sinks looking at the picture)
I love those Bible verse teaching guides hanging on either side of the map.  Their from the 1940's.  ( heart sinks a little more looking at pictures)
I myself can never get enough loving cups! Swoon!!!
Or industrial size buckets!  Double Swoon!!!
Yes my communion table finally made it's way to the booth!
Finally the booth is together.  I have finally posted on my blog.  Now, one more thing to do, visit each of you.  I'll have to back track a little, I feel I missed so much.  But you will see me, I'll be showing up in your comment box.  Till then, Can't thank you enough for stopping by.


  1. I love your booooooth!! What's going on with that windmill thiny? It's awesome!

  2. Looks wonderful, see a lot of stuff I love and want!

  3. Well I guess you are feeling top notch, huh? Oh mylanta...could I do some shopping in there! I love the table and the windmill blade and the charts and the map...oh heck...I love it all! I happen to love color and with winter coming on, color is a good thing!
    Glad you had a good trip.
    100% agreement on what constitutes First Aid in this household!

  4. I think it looks great!! I love that windmill. I am on the hunt for an old garden windmill--not too big but not little :) I think color is awesome!
    Amy ~:>-

  5. Your booth is so cool . The windmill blade is so great. Keep up the good work. Love it! ~judy~

  6. I have a date w/my husband to come see your booth today! Can't wait, it looks great.

  7. I think your booth looks incredibly inviting! I love how you do your photography!
    Cheers, dana

  8. Yeah!!!!!!! thanks for being the 50th person to join my blog. Love that pink cadallic. I will be back I am on my way to buy a new computer.

  9. Hi, I'm glad you found me so I could find you!! I love your stuff. I'm like you, I love the white on white look, but I always end up putting some color in. Color looks so good with a light background, I think! I love how the map looks, showing through the fan blades.

  10. Your booth and CREATIVITY are out of this world SENSATIONAL!!!!!!!!!

  11. It's all so very cute!!
    I would LOVE to have my very own Simple Daisy....beachy booth one of these days!!!!

  12. Hi Glenda! Everything looks fabulous! And thanks for mentioning us. Sorry I had to dash off at Allegan. Hope we can talk more next time; on-line 'til then. Where is your booth? Would love to visit. xo

  13. The booth looks awesome!! Love the halloween jars....yay! Color is a good thing thats what the world and people are made up of!I couldnt imagine lifing in a all white world ,, but thats me and you! Love ya!Cant wait to see the next transformation cause I dont think these things will last long! Great job!

  14. I too love the faded look but I am all about the color and have said things similar to your post here - Love me some color!
    That communion table - holy cow!!!

    Lovely to meet you on Friday!!!


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