Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Could I ask?

I always want to pray for others, but often feel awkward asking for prayer just for myself.  It makes me feel vulnerable, or that maybe I haven't done enough and have found myself in a situation that I shouldn't be in.  I know these are only lies that I tell myself, yet I would be withholding the truth from you if I said I never felt that way.  So here it goes.   Today our home was burglarized.  I arrived home to find our door completely kicked off the hinges.  I ran into the house to look for my little Westie.  I was at that moment not concerned about my safety or the condition I found our home in only that my little dog was ok.  When I found the little guy upstairs hiding, that is when I noticed what had happened. 
Sir Winston
Those who broke in came for electronics, it wasn't a big heist.  We just don't own very many electronics.  But what we have they took.  We can get by without these items.  It's just a certain feeling of safety I find hard to live without.  It has jarred me.  I'm not angry, resentful, frustrated, but I am sad.  My husband and I have so little, we know that and we're ok with that, but we always felt safe.  Not at this moment.  I know in the days ahead we will shake this off, and go on with our day to day  happenings.  Till then, "could I ask?"  Could I ask, if tonight you would send a prayer up for us?   Would you send a prayer up for them?   I will not ask you to pray for specifics.  I trust your thoughts.  But that only you would think of everyone involved.  I thank you in advance, you have always been so kind in this little short time I have blogged.  As always, I can't thank you enough for stopping by. 


  1. Oh Glenda,
    prayers coming your way....I know the feeling when I was pregnant with my daughter my house was broken into...they stole mainly my son electric stuff he was only 9 so mainly video games and stuff even took his was just hard to know someone was in my house...praying you find peace with what has happen...and poor little sorry...

  2. My heart goes out to you, and YES you can ask! That happened when I was a teenager and it makes you feel so violated. Our homes are our haven's.
    Can we do anything to help? If there is anything you need please let us know.

  3. Praying that the Lord will give you peace and rest as only He can. What a sweet heart you have to think of praying for those who did this to you...that is what they need.

  4. Praying for you and I too will pray for them. Sad that your home was violated. Glad that you, your husband and that adorable little Sir Winston is safe.

  5. Of course you can ask and yes your are right. Stuff is stuff...that's what insurance is for, but the feeling of intrusion...that takes time to get over. Thank goodness Sir Winston is ok and so are y'all. I'll be praying for a sense of peace for y'all and I'll include a prayer for those who felt they had to steal. I always tell myself that perhaps they needed it more than I did. Probably not, but I feel better thinking it.

  6. Terrible. I am so sorry. I am very glad your little man was ok. That would be a very emotional ting to go through.

  7. Sorry to hear someone was selfish and took your things. Glad your sweet dog was ok. I know it will be hard to get back to normal again. Will pray for you.

  8. I am so sorry that happened to you and so glad your little dog was safe.

    That is happening in every neighborhood.We all hate to dwell on these bad things but it's just scary now days.

    I hope the Pink Cadillac was OK LOL

    I will ask God to give you his peace and feeling of safety

  9. If you didn't ask, we wouldn't have known to help you in (probably) the only way we can. As a dog mama to five westies, I know I would have felt exactly the same way you did - take my "stuff" but leave my babies alone! Many prayers coming your way!

  10. Oh I am so sorry to hear this. It is such a violation and it knocks you off your feet a bit. It’s happened to us too and I know how you feel. Your home is your safety zone and when that is invaded it is the worst feeling. I am so sorry and will be praying for you. I am so glad your baby was ok. I bet she was scared too.
    Hugs, Amy

  11. Sorry to hear, Glenda. We had a similar experience when we lived in Chicago. Keep us posted. xo

  12. So sorry to hear about this! This has happened to me and I completely understand where you are coming from. I will continue to hold you in my prayers.

  13. What a terrible terrible story. I'm glad all is safe. Try to have a warm and peaceful holiday.

    Please come by and say hello,
    Kitsch n Stuff

  14. Dear sweet one, how sad this had to happen...
    I will offer prayers of healing for your little family...I am so glad you decided to ask for something you need...something important to you. It takes courage and trust.
    My prayer is that your faith in humanity is restored and that you will soon feel safe in the arms if god and in your own home. 23 years ago, my little apartment was burglarized at Christmas time. They took everything of value and even the wrapped presents under the little tree. It was my first Christmas away from home. I remember how vulnerable I felt.
    I am sending love and light your way. So glad your sweet furbaby is ok!

  15. My prayers from Iowa have been sent! I am so glad that your dog is ok and that you or your family weren't around when the thief came.

  16. I want you to know that my heartfelt prayers have been sent. All my love and hugs to you as you heal from this...

  17. Glenda,
    So glad you stopped by my blog. I'm so sorry that you have had to experience this invasion in your home, but glad your puppy is fine.

    Never feel hesitant about asking for prayer. There are a lot of Christian I'm sure lots of prayers have been made. I will pray as well and I hope you are feeling safe and secure.

    Have a good weekend,

  18. Glenda,
    So sad to hear your home was burglarized. I know that someone forcing their way into your home and taking things that don't belong to them leaves you with a sense of violation and fear, will they come back? I know, many years ago our home was broken into. We were in the process of moving in and we came back from grocery shopping and the front door had been pride open with a crow bar. Yah, welcome to the neighborhood! Many of our boxes had been ripped open and rummaged through, and many items of importance broken. Luckily they didn't get into the garage where the real expensive items were.
    So glad you were brave enough to ask for prayers. I hope you never feel unworthy. We are all worthy of our fellow man's and God's prayers.
    I hope you are beginning to get your sense of safety back.
    God Bless you and your family and your pup too. Glad he was not hurt.



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