Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My project is completed!

Wow just when I thought I was on a roll, side tracked again, but I finally finished my twenty dollar garage sale find. I wanted so badly to show you before pictures; but someone deleted them, me. Techie I am not. So here are after photos for you, hope you like.
The cabinet was a honey colored wood, so I knew that it would need to be painted. I also knew I would replace the back of the cabinet with bead board to give the cabinet a more farmhouse feel. Glass was removed from the doors, along with the crown molding and replaced with an architectural piece of salvage I had on hand. Now to the adornments, I used burlap to make curtains, rusted fencing to replace the glass, and ribbon as the finishing touch.
Just for you, I hung a chandie in front of the cabinet for a quick pic. I will be starting my next project in a couple of days, and will post before pictures at that time. Can't thank you enough for stopping by. Oh one more thing; the cabinet will not be staying with me, off to my junk booth it will go. Thanks!


  1. oh I love it will not last at your booth long...

  2. It looks fabulous darling!! I gotta get busy .. I'm inspired !


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