Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Small Corner of My Junkin World

Spring is starting to show up in small ways in my booth.  It's that time of year where I get a little antsy, and I just can't hold back.  I want to redo everything in my booth, redo everything in my home.  I need color and textures and the feeling that sunshiny days are just around the corner.  So here's a few pics of the changing that's going on in One Small Corner of My Junkin World.

When I see a set of Kitchen Craft serving bowls, I have memories of my momma!

Chalkboard Buckets

Each bucket is filled with treasures. I wouldn't want you going home with just a bucket!

Pink seems to be the color at this moment!

Maps are always on hand in my booth.  I can't help myself, even if they don't sell. shhhh!  Please don't tell Bob the Builder that!

A little turquoise blue always makes me smile!

Who said a punch bowl was just for punch?

I even offer garden supplies to the early birds!
So, I have made a beginning. For whatever reason, farmhouse look is calling my name. I promise there is more to show you in the next few days. What would a farmhouse look be without rust? Speaking on farms, just to the side of this post is a new button for Verde Farms. Just click and you will be taken to Amy's beautiful homestead, I love it! My hope one day is to visit The Tipton Five.

As always, I just can't thank you enough for stopping by!


  1. Funny Girl-I was leaving you a comment at the same time! Your booth looks fantastic! I've got 3 chairs (2 matching, 1 bentwood) farmhouse, greyish. They'll come in on Thursday. I know you want frenchy and these are more farmhouse. They would look great w/your table tho.

  2. Your displays are beautiful! I've never seen those Kraft bowls, (lol-thought I've seen everything!?!!!). Hugs, Heidi

  3. Glena ~ thanks for stopping by and leaving that sweet comment. YES! Westies are the best. I love your pics. Beautiful treasures and that punch bowl ~ wow. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Cadillac! Have a happy Thursday. I'm going to follow along ;-)


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