Friday, April 29, 2011

Field Trip Friday

Sometimes I feel the need to take a field trip. Today was one of those days, and I knew right where I wanted to visit.  It's a secret source for me,  a little shop that I usually only go to alone, but today I'm taking along someone special, you.  I always feel transported and inspired when I walk in the door of this sweet little boutique.  You ask where is this place?  I would love to keep it to myself, but her shop is too beautiful not to let others know.  This corner by my hometown deserves to be visited.  So I'm giving up my secrets in hopes you too will go and see for yourself.

Meet Jayne, she owns Chicago Road Antiques!

Don't let the name fool you.  Not located at all in Chicago, but in the quiet town of Edwardsburg Michigan.

I promise soon as you pull up you will be running for the front door.

This darling red building begs to be sought.  I can't really tell you what else is located on this road, since my eyes are always looking for this little place, oh my goodness the windows.  They make me want to press right up to the glass and flattened my nose to get a peek inside.  Let me show you around.

Jayne's display work is everywhere!  Yes, windows even in the back of the building!

Come home with me, ironstone pitcher, which one you ask, the little baby one!

Lets go upstairs!  Attention to detail is everywhere!

The balusters are even chippy!  Jayne, can I live here?

How funny, I just noticed my canisters for purchase and my wallet are in this picture!

Treasures are endless!  How does she let them go?

 My gift to the Royal couple.  Don't-cha love the spelling?

Can you tell I love signs?  Blue Ribbon!  Mr. Bob the Builder, if your reading!!!

Vintage Little League Team Photos!  Name of team, "Chicks"!

Here we are back downstairs.  I could look around again and again!

But there is work to be done so I must leave!

Thank you Jayne, have a lovely day playing in your beautiful shop!
Chicago Road Antiques is a place not to be missed, if you live in the area.  I always walk away inspired and delighted.  Not to forget, I always walk away with a new treasure to call my own.  Jayne doesn't have a blog...yet, but she does have web site.  Please drop her an e-mail and say hello from me.  Jayne is as lovely as the shop she owns.  Want to thank each of you for going on my field trip with me.  If you would like to take a trip yourself, Chicago Road Antiques is located in Edwardsburg Mi, on Highway 12.  Jayne's hours are Thursday-Saturday, 11am-4pm.

And as always, I can't thank you enough for stopping by!


  1. What a lovely shop. Thanks for sharing. Glenda, I wish you could come shop my show too! I would love to meet you.

  2. Indeed! I agree! What a wonderful shop you have! I like it! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  3. What a cute it and will get then soon...


  4. If I were only closer! Thank you for your site;)
    Deb @ Garden Party

  5. Thanks for taking me was fabulous! I'm going back to take another peek so I don't miss a thing!

  6. Looks like a great place to go, wish I could really be there in person. Love all that green dishes, I collect green glass.
    Thanks for stopping by Forever Jann blog, hope you can come back often, it is always changing.
    Will link up with your blog to mine.

  7. let's take a road trip!!

    hey the mossy angel thingies are still for sale over at shop the shed

  8. Hellooooo Glenda! ~ It's "good karma" to share secret spots!!! ~ Thanks for the inviting pics and all your nice comments on my blog!*!*!
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  9. That is a great shop, hopefully I'll make it there next Sunday (for Mother's Day) on the way to Fernwood. How's everything progressing ???!!!

  10. How awesome! Wish she was open on Mondays!! And speaking of open, how is the shop coming? xo

  11. thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I need to post more stuff lol. I love this shop love the green in the window. hugs JoAnn

  12. Wow! This place looks like a dream! I'll have to put it on my summer bucket list. I also love that little baby ironstone pitcher--and just about everything else pictured. Thanks for sharing your secret!

  13. Bonjour ~ I just adore white ironstone. This is a fabulous shop! Merci for sharing. Have a fabulous weekend! ~ Chelle

  14. What a cute shop!! I live not too far from Edwardsburg!! I'll have to check it out:)

  15. Lovely antique shop! My aunt, loves collecting furniture, rugs, paintings, frames. It's her hobby to go around to shops and markets.

  16. hope you are great I was checking in.....trying to get my shop open end of june.....more pictures on my blog
    xxoo patrice

  17. Such a wonderful shop! Thanks for sharing! She has such an eye for beautiful things and wonderful displays. From a fellow Michigander in North Carolina:-) Lisa C.

  18. Hi Glenda! I always try to make it a point to visit the blogs of those who comment on mine. What a lovely blog you have. Your upbeat and honest demeanor in your writing projects a ery happy and nice person. Nice shop you found there. It's great that you are promoting them.



  19. art and elementsJuly 26, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    Hi Glenda!!! How are you????

  20. Wish I could have gone with you. What a fabulous shop! Your blog is beautiful.

  21. New your style, photos, your writing! Just sent your blog to my girlie friends. Are you doing any holiday shows?
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Glenda, I am Flower Patch Farm Girl's Mama, and I want to tell you I am really drawn to you. I have told Shannan how you always touch my heart and I have lifted you up in prayer many times. I can't wait to meet you someday either here or in our real home in heaven. I just wanted you to know....You are some special lady.

  23. I love field trips! Red doors are a must open type of thing. I adore stairs that have writing on them. I think it is super creative! Everything is so perfect! I want to hide out and live there too. Thank you so much for taking us along on your adventure.

    Please visit My Website

  24. What a lovely shop. Thanks for sharing!


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