Thursday, April 14, 2011

~G~ 's Hand At Being Artsy

Just a quick peek at the seed packets I happened upon.  They were found while I was out junking for the show this last weekend.  Now, I was going to have these finished in time for that great gig, but some where between painting and lifting heavy furniture... well you get the idea, right?  So now the seed packets will become Easter gifts.  Once done, I will put sweet pea seeds in the packets and 'hopply' give to all I love. 

I love the color of craft paper brown!

I'm not great at making a french knot, but I kind of like the tangled look.  At least, that is what I'm telling myself.

I found 50 of these packets.  Lucky me!

That's it for me today, just something short and sweet so I can get back into the habit of posting on my long lost blog.  When I don't write on this blog, and I feel scared that you will forget me one song line goes through my thoughts.  "What'll I do when you are far away and I 'm so blue, what'll I do?" 

As always, I just can't thank you enough for stopping by!


  1. Wonderful!! I have some seed packets similar to those that I thought were rather plain...but I got them because I love all things gardeny. Thanks for a terrific idea!

  2. I love my seed packets..and your french knots are the new pictures of the grand-babies....

  3. Those packets are AmAZinGLy Adorable!!! Thanks for hopping over to my blog today... Glad I did yours...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  4. adorable seed packets. I think you should get yourself a crown or tiara and drive around in that fancy pink cadillac.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! And...I hope you do go visit The Gardens. It's truly Soulful...I try and make it, every year...if I have to go alone...
    Love your blog...You are very tallented...oh my...I'd still be in knots!
    Love to Ya...
    Barb C.

  6. These are adorable! Great idea for gifts...
    PS I am dreaming about those huge rusty windmill fan blades! I am re-doing and have the perfect spot for it!!! Sigh...guess I'll have to get out and find one around here :)
    Chat soon, Laurel

  7. I love those little seed packets so cute I would love to have one in my Easter basket


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog, leaving such a great compliment, and joining me on my journey. Your blog is really cute, and your grand-boys are adorable.
    P.S. You now have another follower.

  9. Glenda,

    thanks for stopping by and adding a comment....

    I hope you have a nice day.


  10. Adorable seed packets! I do think you make a great french knot!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment!

    XO Glad & Cel

  11. I love your blog you really have a pink cadillac?
    I just signed on!
    I am adding you to my list of followers too.

    Have a great day!

  12. So adorable! I just love sweet peas, but have only ever gotten one to grow. They are the best old fashioned flower ever!

  13. These look so cool!!! Love it


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