Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Never Make Promises Lightly...

Well the show has come and gone, and I promised pictures.  My only problem, time.  I worked, I scrubbed, I painted.   We hauled, then set-up, well you know the low down of getting ready for a show.  Sunday morning I heard over a loud speaker that they were going to open the doors.  Wait!!!!  I'm not done pricing, what about pictures.  There was no turning back.  So my promise has turned into, I'm sorry.....  I only snapped a few, and few pitiful they are.  But I never make promises lightly, so here they be.

I love a beaker, yes I do!
The child's wheelbarrow is the sweetest red, it came back home with me.  The beakers, well their holding court or flowers at someones house today.

Easter buckets were filled with wonderful vintage goodies. 

The wedding cake chandelier was tucked in behind the metal tree and right behind the door window.  Yes, my partner in vintage crime brought a door in it's original casing, that you walked through to get into our booth.  See, if you look closer someone is pointing to it.  You got a love shoppers!

Wind mill fan, rusted to its finest.

Can I just say the picture does not do the windmill fan justice.  Oh my goodness, this piece is large, rusted, and the perfect statement.  The fan came back home but no time to feel remorse, I love anything windmill.  I wonder if Bob the Builder agrees with the remarks I just made after carrying the fan, mounting fan on the doors and then disassembling all of it.  He's such great guy.

Built-In's are my favorite.

This built-in was made over with much love.  You can't see, but we put a decorative piece on the back that finished it off perfectly.  Well the little chalkboard on the front, yes it's mounted.  I was going to write 'can goods' on it, but suddenly I was surrounded by shoppers.  I always say, next time I'll have all the finishing touches done.  She(the built-in) went to a loving home.  They said it would be used to hold their large screen T.V.  She will do her job well, I'm sure.

Metal advertising letters spelling rose.

I love metal.  To me metal looks good with any decorating. Metal shabby, metal farmhouse, metal cottage, metal garden, don't you agree?   This table is no exception.  I refurbished it with a glass top, and it can wear casters too.  Perfect to roll here and there when you have company.  Well I just love everything about it.

Our one small corner at the show.

As I promised, pictures.  I was running for my life as I was taking these.  The place was a sellers delight.  Katie, remember I introduced you to her, well that girl can advertise.  She should be in marketing.  This was a first time show, vendor space was packed, and believe me customers were everywhere.  One time I looked out  of my booth and said "Oh my",  it was that crowded.  Excitement was in the air.  Unfortunately being that crowded I seen nothing else at the show.  I have no pictures of the other vendors or their items.  Next show I will need to rethink, who prices, and who takes the pics, but I did have the best of time.  I seen old friends and made some new.  

Kelly, my bestie blog friend.

Kelly is on the right, please forgive me Kelly's sister, your name.  Well shows can do that to a person.  Kelly's blog is Peaceful Heart.  I say Kelly is my best blog friend because she was one of my first followers, she always comments.....and she checks on me via e-mail.  There has been a couple of times I have said I just can't blog.  She always steps in and says, "yes you can, I would miss you if you didn't,"   She is the sweetest.  Really, you'll are, she just lives real close.  What a day.  So many things took place, one of them some advertising.  Yes, some advertising.  I'll be talking about that real soon.  So until then, thanks everyone.  You encourage me in more ways than I could ever say or repay!!!

As always, I just can't thank you enough for stopping by!


  1. The windmill fan that rusted looks great. It seems as though it rusted in an artsy way, if i may say. By the way, if you have or haven't known I have this painting blog, you might want to check it out if you have time. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful pictures ~ looks like you had fun! Love these shows. I wish I were closer I would have picked up the windmill fan ~ gorgeous ;-)

  3. Oh Glenda, I have to write this fast I left my power cord at work lol...what a week....Too fun on Sunday and the sister's name is Roxanne...Loved your booth ...but was really glad we got to meet up...You too sweet...and you made one teenage girl's day..she just loves that bottle...and I love the bucket...can't wait until JUNE!..I have been telling everyone....just give me a bucket and you'll get free advertising ;)..talk to you soon...

  4. Wow...really fun stuff! LOVE that windmill fan...wish it was at my house :) Laurel

  5. all look so nice here.. great,, Love it..

    find what u need here, please..

  6. Great post!! Great pics!! And you of course are a GREAT friend! Thanks for posting and sharing.
    xo Katie

  7. Your booth was SUB-LIME!! Chills ran down my spine when I walked in and saw it. Amazing talent!

  8. Glenda,
    I wish I could have been there! i will watch for the next one!!!!

  9. Btw, are you trying to sell the child's wheelbarrow? My little girl would LOVE it!

  10. Ann, I just noticed your comment thanks for stopping by. Of course, you can e-mail me at annestelle_g@yahoo.com. I have to tell you the wheelbarrow is adorable, full of vintage charm.


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